Our New “Thrifty” Ride


Today was a day of change. We found out that the bun in my little not-so-easy bake oven is a little lady bun. (Yay!) A few hours later, we then drove our little Civic to the dealership and came home with a brand spanking new CR-V. How’s that for a day?

I was so overwhelmed by the bun and the hope of a new car that I proceeded to pass out for three hours in the middle of the day only to awake to maintance guys looking at me awkwardly and telling me they’d come back in a few hours. (I promptly went right back to sleep.) When I finally did wake back up, I spent the day on pins and needles.

I promise to post about the little lady baby soon, but for now, I’m still processing. I will however wax poetic about our new ride: The car is swell. It’s navy with light grey interior and they included tinted windows… fancy pants. The part that makes this purchase a little bit thrifty is the interest rate and the fact that we are on our way to owning something. We qualified for a 0.9% interest rate! That’s aaaaalmost (but not really) like not having interest at all. And! The CR-V ranks as the best in its class for resale value. Sweet. Now our baby will be safely transported and I won’t break my back trying to get her in and out of a 2-door Civic.

So there you/we have it. We’re still in shock about it all and assume it will hit us all at once.

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